Aug 6, 2012

Rekha Thapa slaps Journo.

Actress Rekha Thapa has slapped a Journalist in his office today with her strong dissent over a Gaijatra Satire "Rekha Thapa's Mini Skirt mystery'' (Rekha Thapa ko Miniskirt Rahasya) published in Sourya Dainik last Friday. She reached Sourya Daily's office accompanied by a film Journalist, had furious discussion with Journalist Chiranjibi Poudel over the Gaijatra item and reaching ultimately to a slap. Both Rekha and Chiranjibi confirms of the slap whereas Chiranjibi also told merocinema of his return slap to the 'Malati ko bhatti' actress. Actress Rekha Thapa comes into controversy time and again, this time with this slap may create turbulent in Nepali Gossip industry.
In the Gaijatra satire, Chiranjibi has made a good mockery of short Miniskirts of actress like Rekha Thapa and he has even dare to put his ex-husband Chabi to be troubled by her Miniskirts. That is just his imagination to put the plots as a Gaijatra fun but for a serious offense to someone as claimed by the actress, I leave it to the readers who have read the article.
To see what Chiranjibi had written in the satire, Click here and go to the middle of the pages.


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